How much space do we need?  
We need a space suitable for moving a horse safely around. We can walk our saddle horse (Abby or Cameo) around swings, trampolines and gardens safely, so minimal space is needed for her. Sahara or Caspian needs a bit of space, they needs a good area that we can safely maneuver their cart around, for example; grass areas with no obstacles, driveways, and areas that you can make a track or pathway through that is approximately 1.5-2 metres wide. We have used them with their cart around houses with a grass area surrounding it, as long as it is safe to move him through, we can do it.

Flat areas are best but we can do small hills, but the horses do struggle a bit with the weight :)

What happens if it starts raining?  

We have done a few parties in the rain, because you can not predict the weather sometimes. Children are generally keen to wear a raincoat, and we can also wait out the rain if the weather can't make up it's mind.

Will my 10 year old boy be able to ride? 
We cater to all different age children.  Smaller children only are able to ride on Sahara or Abby when they are giving saddle rides and bigger children of all ages are able to ride on Cameo with his saddle.  With the cart we can also take any age group from a tiny baby with their mum or dad, right up to a granddad who would like a little ride. 

How many children can you cater for?  
We can cater for any number of children.  We plan visits with you  based on the amount of children you have invited.  The more children you have at your party the shorter the ride will be. We have done parties with as little as five children and we have worked at school galas where the horses are continuously giving rides for 2-4 hours. The best fun is had a parties with approximately 12-15 children.

How long do the horse parties last?  
Our horse parties can cater to your specific time requirement. The average child's party lasts one to one and a half hours, to give all the children a good turn on the horses. 

How flexible are you?
We start with the saddle rides and then the cart rides,  It depends on your requirements and the number of children wanting a ride.  We also offer a party where we bring  extra helpers along and use both horses at the same time to give larger groups of children more rides and less waiting time. This option is more suitable for work functions or larger events.

Should I tell the parents there will be horses at the party?
Yes, yes, yes, parents will be excited, but need to start thinking about the safety issues,  e.g. wearing the correct covered footwear or bringing gumboots along.  They may need to stay and supervise nervous children or first timers, this can also be a very magical experience, watching their child having their first ride. They may also need to consider allergies or medicine and need to arrive on time so they don't miss out.  It's sometimes helpful to state the time frame we will be at your party to encourage promptness otherwise they may miss out.  It's a good idea to include the safety instructions from our website with your invitation.

What can you provide for our wedding?  
Sahara came to my own wedding in 2004.  We had some lovely photos taken in and beside the cart.  He has also done one other wedding at a vineyard in February 2008.  Sahara took the bride to the alter and then stayed around for pictures (see our photos kindly used with permission). We can teach the groom how to drive so that just the bride and groom are in the photo. You can also have a miniature horse and carriage be the transport from your church or to your reception if it is not a big distance, depending on the area and surrounding traffic.